Transport safety in the workplace

Parking and reversing safety


Reversing and parking vehicles - whether used for deliveries or within your premises - carries risks. Careless parking is a common cause of accidents. Nearly a quarter of all workplace deaths involve reversing.

Reversing and parking must be included in your health and safety risk assessment.

As far as possible you should manage vehicle movements to avoid the need for reversing or inappropriate parking.

Where reversing is unavoidable, you should minimise the risks. For example, risks are lower if reversing takes place only where there are no blind spots, and where there are no pedestrians or other traffic. You should remember that:

  • drivers need training in safe practices
  • you may need to use signalling equipment or signallers
  • vehicles should be fitted with appropriate mirrors
  • you may need other safety equipment, such as barriers, reversing alarms or reverse parking sensors

Read the Health & Safety Executive guide on reversing vehicles.