What to expect from a health and safety visit

Be ready for a health and safety inspection: seven top tips


While you'll normally have notice for a routine inspection - a health and safety inspector could visit your business at any time without warning. It helps to stay organised so that your inspection goes smoothly. Follow these tips to be prepared for a health and safety visit:

1. Make sure that your workplace and work practices meet the necessary health and safety requirements - see health and safety basics for business.

2. Be sure you are providing your staff with adequate welfare facilities such as toilets and handwashing provisions - see workplace welfare facilities and healthy working environment.

3. Ensure your health and safety policy is close to hand and up to date - see write a health and safety policy for your business.

4. Ensure you have completed a health and safety risk assessment  and have a record you can show the inspector.  

5. Keep an organised record of workplace equipment inspections, safe working methods, health and safety training.

6. Have a valid copy of your employers' liability insurance available.

7. Set up a health and safety management system to help you keep on top of things and ensure you're ready for an inspection at any time.