What to expect from a health and safety visit

Health and safety prohibition notices


If inspectors believe that your work activities give rise to a risk of serious personal injury, they may issue you with a prohibition notice.

The prohibition notice normally requires you to stop that activity straight away. You must not resume the activity until you have taken action to remove or control the risk.

The prohibition notice will explain why the inspector thinks there is a risk of serious personal injury.

It will also state:

  • which law is being breached
  • what you need to do to reduce or control that risk

If you don't understand what the notice is asking you to do, you should get back in touch with the inspector who issued it for further advice. You should also discuss the notice with the person responsible for health and safety in your workplace.

You must always stop the prohibited activity until you have taken the required remedial action, as not doing so could result in your prosecution.

Notices are not published until nine weeks after their date of issue to allow you to appeal if you wish to.

When you have complied with a notice and the inspector is satisfied, then the notice is marked as complied with on the register.