Choosing a business broadband connection

Broadband security and your business


Broadband provides an 'always-on' connection. This increases the security risks that your business network or equipment could become exposed to, such as viruses or hackers.

These risks could potentially be disastrous for your business. They could compromise your critical data, and lead to loss or theft of valuable information.

Is business broadband more secure than home broadband?

Business broadband packages most often come with better security options and more proactive measures than home broadband, to ensure that your data and network remain secure. Your internet service provider (ISP) can include, as an integral part of their offering, a range of security systems such as:

  • network-wide email screening service
  • anti-virus software and hardware firewall to intercept malicious attacks
  • off-site data backup solution

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How to secure your broadband connection

You can take some basic steps to reduce the risks to your broadband. For example, you can:

  • install additional security software or an enhanced hardware firewall to your system
  • keep your operating system, firewall, virus protection and other software up to date
  • draw up and enforce policies for employee email/internet use

You should check which security options are available to you as part of your package, or at additional cost, from your ISP. Alternatively, you can consult an independent security expert.

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