Choosing a business broadband connection

Using home broadband for business

Not every business requires a specialised business broadband connection. Some may be able to use their home broadband service, especially if their requirements are limited.

Broadband products are generally similar for domestic and corporate users. They rely on the same technology and infrastructure, but commercial businesses typically have different needs to the average domestic user.

It is important consider your specific needs, and the type and the nature of your business when you're choosing a broadband package for your company.

Do I need business broadband?

For small businesses, start-ups or sole traders, a home broadband package may be a suitable option if:

  • they use internet infrequently, and not at very specific times
  • internet access is not vital to their business operations
  • any 'downtime' or 'slowdown' would not significantly affect the survival or profitability of their business
  • they don't need large data transfers (eg uploading or downloading of large files) to conduct their business operations

A home broadband package is designed for personal use. It often comes with a number of restrictions that businesses may find disadvantageous.

Home broadband business expenses

If you use home broadband for your business, you may be able to reclaim some cost if:

  • you use it for business purposes
  • the broadband contract is undertaken in the name of your company
  • the service is provided at home, but paid for directly by the company

However, you are unlikely to be able to seek reimbursement if:

  • you already have a broadband account in your personal name
  • you are already paying for the connection
  • you cannot split the business and personal use each month

Find out more about reimbursing broadband internet charges.

Key reasons for getting business broadband

Business packages generally offer faster connection speeds, greater data transfer allowances, static IP addresses and usually more service reliability with better service level targets.

These features may come at a greater price, but they may help you run your business more efficiently. Find more advantages of business broadband.