Bullying and harassment



Bullying and harassment in the workplace are serious matters, and employers are responsible for taking reasonable steps to prevent such behaviour.

The anti-discrimination legislation makes it unlawful in employment or vocational training to harass someone on the grounds of (or in some cases if it is related to):

  • sex, including pregnancy and maternity
  • marital/civil partnership status
  • gender reassignment
  • race, including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origins
  • disability
  • religion/belief or political opinion
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • trade union membership or non-membership
  • status as a fixed-term or part-time worker

Harassment of a sexual nature is also unlawful.

This guide explains how bullying and harassment can occur, the impact on your business, and how to recognise and prevent it.

It also provides direction on how to draw up an anti-bullying and harassment policy for your business and how to deal with claims if they arise.

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