Complain against an undischarged bankrupt or disqualified company director

Check if a director has been disqualified or if an individual is bankrupt


Disqualified Directors Register

Before reporting any breach of disqualification to The Insolvency Service, you should check the Disqualified Directors Register to ensure the director has been disqualified.

The Disqualified Directors Register is kept by Companies House on behalf of the Secretary of State and lists all directors that are currently prohibited from involving themselves with a company.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Bankruptcy Restrictions Order/Undertaking and Debt Relief Order and Debt Relief Restrictions Order/Undertaking Register

Before reporting any breach of bankruptcy or bankruptcy restrictions to The Insolvency Service, you should check the DRO, BRO and IVA Register to ensure the person is not subject to any such proceedings.

The Bankruptcy and Chancery Office at the High Court in Belfast maintains the bankruptcy register for Northern Ireland. Search the bankruptcy register online with the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service (Registration required).

Reporting disqualified directors, undischarged bankrupts and persons subject to bankruptcy restrictions

If you suspect that an individual is acting in breach of a disqualification order, a disqualification undertaking or a bankruptcy order, you should contact the Insolvency Service.

  • Companies House Contact Centre
    0303 1234 500
  • Insolvency Service Enforcement Unit
    028 9054 8531
  • Insolvency Service NI Enquiry Line
    028 9054 8531
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