Prevent repetitive strain injury at work

Checklist: avoiding repetitive strain injury

You have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of you and your employees. This includes taking steps to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI). You must also take steps to prevent them worsening if they've already occurred. Make sure you:

  • carry out a risk assessment - look at all the tasks your business carries out and see if any might cause RSI
  • inform your employees - make sure they know the risks and how to minimise them, eg by taking regular rest breaks, having the correct posture and sharing high-risk tasks
  • tell employees to look out for the symptoms of RSI, eg pain, numbness and tingling
  • eradicate risks if possible - for example by using machines for high-risk activities
  • reduce risks where possible - for example by changing your processes or using less harmful equipment
  • provide any training your staff need to minimise the risk of RSI occurring
  • consult with your staff - their feedback is an important source of information
  • put systems in place for managing any RSI that does occur

Keep monitoring working conditions - review your risk assessment regularly.