Prevent repetitive strain injury at work

Train staff to avoid repetitive strain injury

Training is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent people in your business developing repetitive strain injury (RSI). Many tasks involve only a small RSI risk if carried out properly - but this can increase significantly if the correct guidelines aren't followed.

For example, sitting at a computer workstation won't necessarily lead to an employee developing a RSI, but the chances of it developing will be much higher if your employees don't know how to adjust their seats correctly, when to take breaks, or how to position the computer's screen, keyboard and mouse correctly.

Key areas employee training should cover

Be sure that staff training includes the following:

  • potential risks their work involves, eg making frequently repeated forceful movements or using hand-held power tools for long periods
  • how to reduce risks, eg following correct-usage guidelines supplied by equipment manufacturers
  • what's expected of them, eg if power-tool workers are entitled to regular short breaks, make sure they take them
  • the symptoms of RSI - the earlier RSI are spotted, the swifter the recovery usually is
  • the correct procedure for reporting a RSI, or a task they think poses a RSI risk