How to write an environmental policy

Checklist for writing an environmental policy


The checklist below should help you to draft an effective environmental policy.

Environmental policy checklist

Choose examples of the statements that apply to your business and make them as specific as possible for your operations:

  • comply with environmental legislation and other requirements, such as approved codes of practice
  • importance of environmental issues to your business, including a description of your business' guiding principles
  • assess the environmental impact of all historic, current and likely future operations
  • continually seek to improve environmental performance, eg by doing a regular walk-round survey of your business to see if you are using energy and water efficiently and whether measures to reduce waste and pollution are effective
  • reduce pollution, emissions and waste, eg emissions from transport, oil leaks and spills, excessive noise, heat or vibration generated by the activities of your business
  • reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies
  • raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters
  • encourage suppliers and contractors to uphold similar environmental standards - see supply chain efficiency
  • encourage customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way
  • communicate environmental aims and objectives to employees and external stakeholders

You can download an example environmental policy (DOCX, 15K).