Improve your environmental performance



Making your business more environmentally friendly can have significant benefits. By committing your business to comply with environmental legislation, you will avoid any penalties. By using raw materials more efficiently, minimising waste and reducing your insurance risks, you will make important savings.

You will be able to boost your reputation among customers, suppliers, regulators, investors, staff and the local community. You will also increase employee morale - making it easier to attract, keep and motivate staff.

In this guide you will find advice on the different ways you can enhance the environmental performance of your business, and how you can then capitalise on those improvements.

You will also find guidance on long-term steps you can take to making your business more sustainable.

Get a free sustainability report

All Northern Ireland businesses with an annual energy and resource spend of more than £30k can get a free assessment of their environmental performance across areas such as raw materials, energy, carbon, packaging, biodiversity and waste - find out more about Invest NI Sustainability Reports.