Complain against an insolvency practitioner or the Insolvency Service


Insolvency issues, such as disqualifying company directors of insolvent companies is the responsibility of the Insolvency Service. The Official Receiver administers and investigates the affairs of partnerships and companies wound up by the High Court, as well as those of bankrupt individuals.

If you are not happy with the way the Insolvency Service handled your case or are dissatisfied with the services you received, you should submit a formal complaint to the Insolvency Service. If they fail to resolve your complaint sufficiently, you may be able to make a formal complaint to the relevant complaints commissioner.

You can also make a formal complaint if you are not happy about the conduct of an insolvency practitioner (IP) - either directly to the IP concerned, or to the appropriate authorising body.

This guide explains the complaints process for both the Insolvency Service and an IP.