Complain against an insolvency practitioner or the Insolvency Service

Complaints against the Insolvency Service


You should inform the Insolvency Service if you are dissatisfied with the service you receive from them. They will then try to resolve your complaint and ensure it does not recur.

Steps in resolving your complaint

You may be able to resolve a complaint by taking it up immediately with the individual you have been dealing with, or with their immediate manager.

If you cannot resolve the problem there and then you should contact the Customer Relations Officer.

You can also register a complaint by phone, although you may have to set out the details of your complaint in writing.

You can contact the Customer Relations Officer by calling the Insolvency Service on Tel 028 9054 8531. Alternatively, you can email

What will happen next?

The Customer Relations Officer will investigate your complaint and will give you a full reply within 10 working days. If that is not possible he/she will issue a letter to you explaining why and stating when he/she will send a full reply.

  • Insolvency Service NI Enquiry Line
    028 9054 8531
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