International road haulage permits

ECMT international removal permits


You can apply for a permit for laden or empty journeys if you’re a specialist removal company and you move household goods and business possessions between or across European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) countries.

There are no limits on the number of available permits.


You must:

What you need ECMT permits for

You need an ECMT permit to transport most types of goods (or drive an empty vehicle) through the EU (except Cyprus), Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to these 13 countries:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Cyprus is not part of the ECMT scheme. You cannot use an ECMT permit to transport goods through Cyprus to ECMT countries.

Apply for permits

Apply for a permit at least 5 working days before you start your removal journey from the UK.

To apply, you need:

  • your username and password to manage your vehicle operator licence
  • a debit or credit card to pay the application fee

When you sign in, select the Permits tab to apply.

Start your application now.

Other ways to apply
Download and fill in the form to apply for an ECMT international removal permit (PDF, 1.12MB).

Send it to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) at least 5 working days before you start your removal journey from the UK.

Include a cheque or postal order to pay the fee. If you want to pay by debit or credit card, DVSA will contact you to take the payment when your application arrives.

International Road Haulage Permits Office
Hillcrest House
386 Harehills Lane


Each permit costs £18 and lasts for one year.

You can only use a permit for one vehicle at a time.

Rules for using the permits

You must only use the permit for moving and removing household goods and business possessions.

You can only use the permit in one vehicle at a time.

What to do when you make journeys
You must carry the permit in your vehicle for the whole of the outward and return journey. This includes an unladen journey before or after a laden one.

You must show the permit to any enforcement officer when asked to.

Check what other vehicle documents and driver documents the driver needs to carry on international journeys.

Lost, damaged or stolen permits

Contact DVSA straight away if you lose or damage a permit, or if one is stolen.

DVSA International Road Haulage Permits Office
Tel: 0330 678 1117
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

If you give up your operator licence

You need to return your permits to DVSA if you apply to give up (‘surrender’) your vehicle operator licence.