Global funding and support for innovation

Eureka Network


Eureka is the world's biggest public network for international cooperation in research, development and innovation. It is present in over 45 countries, working with national funding bodies and supporting the development of new, innovative products and services.

Through Eureka, businesses in Northern Ireland can:

  • get access to skills, expertise and support through collaborative R&D and innovation projects
  • work with other businesses and research organisations building longer-term partnerships
  • receive financial support for their participation

NI businesses taking part in international R&D projects may be eligible for funding through Eureka's Network projects, Globalstars, Eurostars and Clusters programmes.

To access Eureka's funding, your first point of contact should be the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK.

Eureka Network Projects

Network projects enable bilateral and multilateral projects between two or more countries in the Eureka Network in any area. They give you the freedom to:

  • define your R&D goals in any technological field and market
  • select the optimum partners for your project idea

Innovate UK only allocates budget for Eureka's Network projects programme when they launch calls for R&D projects. Find Innovate UK funding opportunities.

Eureka Globalstars

Globalstars is a programme of calls for projects with countries outside of the Eureka network. It allows you to benefit from collaboration with organisations working in leading and emerging markets, potentially from anywhere in the world.

To see current Globalstars call, visit Eureka's call for projects page or contact Innovate UK to see what other international R&D opportunities are available for your business.

Eureka Eurostars

Eurostars is a funding programme for SMEs who want to collaborate on R&D:

  • to develop new products, processes or services
  • with project partners from any of the 36 Eurostars participating countries

Eurostars is a competitive programme. There are two calls for proposals every year – usually in March and September. You can apply with two or more participants from two or more Eurostars countries.

Only SMEs can lead a project and they can partner with other SMEs, universities or research centres. Innovate UK funds successful UK applicants up to 60 per cent of eligible project costs (equivalent to €360,000 per UK project partner). They typically fund 10 to 15 projects per round.

Large businesses or academic organisations can also take part in a Eurostars project but must fund this themselves.

Eureka Clusters

Eureka Clusters are thematic programmes driven by communities of large companies, SMEs, universities, research institutes and end users. The Clusters have information days for applicants and prospective project partners that also act as highly efficient networking events.

Any organisation is welcome to participate in a Cluster project, provided they and their project are eligible. The Cluster programmes have regular calls for projects announced on Eureka's call for projects page and the individual Clusters websites.

Further information on the Eureka Network

Read more about Eureka Network. If you're interested in participating in a Eureka programme and want to know more, email or contact the Innovate UK Global team at