Food safety and animal feed incidents


As a food or animal feed business, you must ensure the food or feed you import, produce, process, manufacture or distribute is safe. You must keep certain records, including:

  • suppliers (including transporters)
  • business customers 
  • product details including quantities, names and dates of sale and delivery

You must report any food or feed incidents to:

  • your local council
  • port health authority - for imports and exports
  • the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) - for feed
  • Food Standards Agency (FSA)

You must have management procedures in place to prevent food or animal feed incidents and to deal with them quickly when they happen. You must carry out food withdrawals and recalls for any food or animal feed that does not comply with safety rules.

This guide answers the question - what is a food incident? It explains how to report a food or animal feed incident and how to report food fraud or mislabelling