How to become a net zero business

Champion net zero through your business


Your business can be a climate leader by using your network and wider sphere of influence to help accelerate climate action in society. Advocating for wider climate action will naturally benefit the environment but can also make it easier to run a net zero business with more suppliers, partners and customers who want to do business with you.

How to be a net zero champion

You should spread the word about your own net zero commitment and the progress you are making each year. Your reports should include sharing your story with examples of how you’ve cut your greenhouse gas emissions, reduced your waste, etc.

You can invest in projects which take a nature-based approach to avoid or capture emissions, also known as carbon offsetting. Offsetting is an important part of balancing the toughest to cut emissions from your business, but you can get involved in local or international projects which go beyond your own business carbon balance needs. You could also devise and deliver your own nature-based solution on your business property or land as part of your action plan.

Getting your staff involved in climate action can spread the benefits of net zero action beyond your value chain, and help your employees to feel valued in their efforts.

The Climate Justice Playbook for Business is a practical guide that can help business leaders understand the intersection of climate action and social justice and advance a justice-centred approach to climate action.

Work with your sector to develop net zero roadmaps

Partnership working to achieve shared goals and benefits for all businesses, even with local competitor companies, can help to boost your overall industry sector.

The Net Zero Council has developed a new framework to help empower businesses to create tailored action plans to reduce emissions across their sector. The guidelines provide a robust, credible and consistent set of criteria for business sector roadmaps to ensure they can effectively reduce emissions - find out more about the net zero business sector roadmap guidelines.

Local opportunities to champion climate action

Business in the Community offers ways to get involved in local business community and wider societal actions through corporate social responsibility and climate schemes.

You can get involved in local networking events to spread the word about net zero business ambitions by joining Northern Ireland business networks.

You can find environmental business events for networking opportunities, or you can organise and list your own climate events, through our Events Finder tool.