Preventing air pollution

How to prevent air pollution


The best way to prevent air pollution from your business is to avoid producing it in the first place. Check and monitor your emissions and review your business processes to see if you can cut down on air pollution. Ensure you are complying with environmental law and with all necessary permissions. Then take steps to control any remaining emissions.

How to check your business for air pollution

Buy monitoring instruments that check levels of gas and fumes - you could use an environmental consultant to do this.

Include air pollution as part of your regular risk assessments.

How to control air pollution from your business

There are several simple ways to control air pollution from your business:

  • Ensure staff are informed about the dangers of dust and fumes.
  • Clean machinery and premises regularly and thoroughly.
  • Seal vessels that contain solvents and other hazardous substances.
  • Ensure there are enough open windows and doors on the premises. However, make sure you consider the effects of air pollution on the wider environment.
  • Install a ventilation system.
  • Consider investing in lower emissions equipment.

How to comply with air pollution legislation

If you have a pollution prevention and control permit, waste management licence or a waste exemption, you must comply with all of its conditions.

Several pieces of environmental legislation that control air pollution may apply to your business. This will depend on the type of activities your business carries out and where it is located.

If you are unsure if air pollution legislation applies to your business, you should contact your local council or NIEA.

You must also prevent air quality from damaging the health of staff and visitors.