Improve your environmental performance

Finding an environmental consultant and what they offer


An environmental consultant can provide expert help and advice to your business. Environmental consultants are often used for specialist and more complex projects.

Environmental consultant services

Examples of services offered by an environmental consultant can include:

  • identifying the environmental laws you need to follow - and ensuring you do so
  • reviewing your business' impact on the environment and suggesting ways to improve this
  • assessing your business' carbon emissions and helping you minimise them
  • helping you apply for any relevant permits or licences
  • carrying out a waste or energy review of your business
  • giving advice on specific issues, such as pollution, resource efficiency or waste management
  • helping you write environmental strategies, policies and procedures
  • liaising with regulatory bodies, attending meetings and giving presentations on your behalf
  • producing reports and statistics on your environmental performance and opportunities for reducing costs
  • training your staff and identifying how changes to the way they work can save money and improve environmental performance

How to find an environmental consultant

If you're looking for a suitable environmental consultant it's best to get recommendations from businesses with similar needs to your own.

Alternatively, there are a number of resources you can use to help you find the right consultant: