How to use heating and hot water systems efficiently

How to use heating equipment efficiently


To get the most out of your heating and hot water systems, it is recommended that you arrange for an energy assessment of your equipment - see energy assessments for heating and hot water systems.

Ways to use heating equipment more efficiently

You can increase heating system efficiency yourself by taking simple steps, such as:

  • setting timer controls to operate heating only when people are present in the building and activate 'frost protection' at weekends and during holidays
  • ensuring the hot water is not heated too much - water only needs to be heated to between 60 and 65°C to protect against legionella bacteria
  • checking your heating bills regularly - this will help you spot any sudden increases in energy use, which may be caused by changes in the way a building is used

You should also make sure you:

  • don't turn up heating unless you really need to
  • leave plenty of space around radiators
  • don't heat unused space
  • keep doors and windows closed, and draught-proof, in cold weather
  • ensure thermostats are not near draughts or hot and cold spots
  • don't put hot equipment, such as photocopiers, near cooling vents
  • maintain equipment properly
  • have enough insulation around your hot water and HVAC systems, including; boilers, pipes, tanks and ductwork