How to use heating and hot water systems efficiently

Installing an efficient heating system - Marine Hotel (video)

Case Study

The Marine Hotel is situated in the Causeway coast resort town of Ballycastle with 31 bedrooms, dining and hospitality areas and large function rooms to heat.

Claire Hunter, the hotel's Director, explains how they moved from an oil fired heating system with hot water tanks to a more efficient LPG gas-zoned heating system.

Claire explains how they assessed their energy and heating needs, the support and advice they received, the practical benefits of the zoned system they chose and their annual cost savings.

Case Study

Claire Hunter

marine hotel

Claire's top tips:

  • "Research your project properly and use consultants."
  • "See where the priorities lie to make your business more efficient."
  • "Get on and do it - all the time you're not doing it you're wasting money."