How to use heating and hot water systems efficiently

Benefits of improving heating system efficiency


Heating and hot water costs can account for half of a business' energy costs and half its carbon emissions. You can maintain or improve the efficiency of your heating system by using it economically. For example, by turning down your heating just 1°C, you can cut your annual heating costs by up to eight per cent - see using heating equipment efficiently.

By developing your knowledge of energy efficiency, you can make more cost-effective choices when it comes to replacing or upgrading your system - see installing efficient heating and hot water equipment.

Using less energy will reduce your business' carbon footprint and help limit climate change - see cutting your carbon emissions.

Being an energy-efficient business can also help attract customers, employees and investors - see how to market your environmental credentials.

Energy efficient businesses should be better prepared to comply with existing and new legislation. For example, if you propose to carry out building work on a building greater than 1,000 square metres, you may need to comply with building regulation conditions relating to the efficiency of your heating and hot water system.

You can find guidelines for the energy performance of buildings on the Department of Finance (DoF) website.