Help HMRC stop illegal trading and fraud

Information required for HMRC Fraud Hotline information reporting

Whichever way you choose to contact the HMRC Fraud hotline, you need to state:

  • what illegal activity is taking place
  • when it is happening
  • where it is happening
  • how long it has been going on for

If you know, you should also give details of:

  • vehicles involved, including registration number(s), type, make, model, colour and where parked
  • airports and countries of arrival and departure,
    airline(s), date and time of travel, flight numbers, travel agents
  • ports of arrival and departure, ferry companies used, dates
  • container/trailer numbers, names and addresses of consignor and consignee, delivery address, airports/ports/countries of arrival and departure, description of cargo, waybill or parcel numbers, name of vessel or flight number, name of carrier, expected date and time of arrival and departure
  • other information about transport or method of travel, if relevant

It would also be helpful if you could provide details of:

  • Your connection with the person or business. Please state whether you are related, if they are a friend, casual acquaintance or friend of a friend. If the information is about a business, is it one you worked for or used? Tell HMRC if you still see the person or deal with the business, or whether the contact was a one-off.
  • How you became aware of the information, whether you were told it in confidence, witnessed it, acquired it through your work, overheard it, or it is based on your suspicions.
  • Whether others also know the information.
  • Whether you will give evidence in court.
  • What effect it is likely to have on you and others if HMRC use this information.
  • Your details. You don't have to give them, but if you do, you may be eligible for a cash reward. Your details will be kept securely within HMRC.