Innovate UK funding and support

Innovate UK open funding competitions


In addition to their sector-focused funding programmes, Innovate UK run a number of open programmes for innovative businesses with high-growth potential.

Businesses of any size, and from any sector or industry, can apply.

Open funding programme

The programme supports innovation at various stages - from proof of concept through to prototype development and demonstration.

It is designed to help businesses:

  • access knowledge and expertise, by enabling them to work with knowledge and research providers
  • validate their ideas and concepts to help them attract private investment
  • reduce financial risk and the funding gap through co-funding

Each year, Innovate UK will run two rounds of open funding competitions to provide these opportunities to innovative businesses.

Read more about Innovate UK's open funding programme.

Knowledge transfer

Under Innovate UK's Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme, you can get support and funding to innovate within your business.

KTPs will help you work with a research organisation and a recently-qualified graduate. You can apply if you are a business or a third sector or a public sector organisation. Read more about the opportunities for knowledge transfer partnerships funding.

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