Protecting your intellectual property abroad

Intellectual property rights in different countries


The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has produced a range of country-specific guides to help you protect and manage your intellectual property (IP) abroad.

They describe the issues you may face with IP infringement, how to deal with them and where to find sources of further help.

Country guides currently available are:

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Protecting and managing your IP abroad can be very complex. If you plan on selling, distributing, manufacturing, or sourcing your products abroad, you should seek help from an IP attorney or a professional IP adviser.

Businesses in Northern Ireland can contact Invest Northern Ireland for help with IP protection.

Help in South East Asia, China, Brazil and India

For complex issues or detailed advice, you can contact one of the IPO's four IP attachés operating in key export markets:

The attachés can advise you on the legal and enforcement options you might have and signpost you to additional support or legal advice.