Protecting your intellectual property abroad

Securing IP protection in overseas markets - EcoDepo (video)

Case Study

Tom Fairbairn, the CEO of Eco Depo, explains how they have protected their intellectual property (IP) in overseas markets.

Eco Depo started business in 2006. They currently export their unique waste recycling system to over 12 countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada and Russia. To protect their brand in different markets, Eco Depo looked at securing trade mark protection outside the UK.

In this video, Tom examines the types of IP they had to consider when entering new markets. He talks about the business benefits of IP protection, and explains how they have secured and defended their trade mark across several international markets.

Case Study

Tom Fairbairn

eco depo

Tom's top tips:

  • "Seek advice."
  • "Research the markets."
  • "Consider what form of intellectual property you want to protect."