Mobile marketing and m-commerce

M-commerce and mobile marketing benefits


The use of mobile marketing and m-commerce is becoming increasingly common due to reliance on mobile devices, like smartphones. People use these devises to browse the internet and shop whilst 'out and about'.

There are a number of benefits to selling and marketing on the mobile web. These include:

  • reaching the widest possible audience with your digital marketing due to an increasing number of consumers using mobile devices to access digital content
  • instant, adaptable, easily monitored communication - you can send single or bulk messages from anywhere, at any time with immediate tracking and the ability to record results
  • the ability to target a large active consumer group by specific demographic information - eg age, location, gender
  • cost efficiency, with low production and distribution costs, and additional revenue from replies to promotions and competitions
  • a direct link to consumers through 24-hour billing/sales/service/assistance
  • viral marketing potential, as consumers can forward messages
  • cross-media integration, which is easily tied in to other advertising media - eg TV or radio