Office resource efficiency

Manage resources efficiently in your office


A busy office can get through a significant amount of resources such as energy, paper and water. Good management of office processes to reduce resource use and waste can improve efficiency.

How to manage office resources efficiently

The most efficient way to manage resource use in your office is to take a systematic approach:

  1. set a baseline to work out your current resource usage
  2. benchmark your performance against similar organisations
  3. create an action plan to achieve your identified improvements
  4. set achievable targets and responsibilities for office staff to meet them
  5. monitor and report your performance and set up reporting processes
  6. review actions and performance to learn lessons and continually improve

You should start the process towards a more resource efficient office by carrying out an environmental review of your business.

Gaining formal recognition for improving your office environmental performance can boost your business reputation. You could become certified to a standard such as ISO 14001 by implementing an environmental management system.

You could also report on your environmental performance to customers, investors and the local community.

You should highlight the key benefits of environmental improvements to both senior management and staff.