Office resource efficiency

Cut water use in your office


Many businesses with offices are unaware of how much water they use, even when they have a meter. However, there are opportunities for substantial reductions in water use, particularly in washrooms, as this accounts for around 65 per cent of water use in the average office.

How to reduce office water use

Reducing office water use is relatively easy, and you can achieve many savings at relatively little cost. You can cut down on the amount of water, and associated waste and energy costs by:

  • establishing a baseline of what your business is using currently, and highlighting ways to achieve immediate reductions
  • considering water efficiency when you buy new equipment for your office
  • looking into the costs of automatic-flush systems for toilets, automatic water-delivery systems for wash basins, push-button taps, smaller cisterns, etc - it may be worth replacing older equipment to achieve cost savings in the longer term
  • monitoring the system for leaks or for dripping taps

For more information see how to save water at commercial premises and monitor your water use.