Niche tourism opportunities


In tourism, a niche is a specialised corner of the tourism market, usually developed around visitors’ particular interests or needs. 

While the word ‘niche’ may suggest that the market is small in size, this is not always the case. We just have to look at the number of visitors who are interested in visiting Northern Ireland because of Game of Thrones or golf to understand that ‘niche’ can be sizeable. 

Examples of niche tourism products include golf, outdoor pursuits, adventure activities, wildlife and nature-based tourism, heritage and cultural tours, screen tourism, and many other travel experiences.

With the demand for niche tourism steadily growing at home and abroad, businesses need to be prepared to take full advantage of new and emerging opportunities.

This guide provides hints and tips about the main trends affecting niche tourism in Northern Ireland. It looks at some of the examples and ideas that can help you branch out into specific niches, and start or grow your tourism business.