Niche tourism opportunities

Creating tourism experiences


Tourists are increasingly seeking out authentic experiences. They want to make the most of their time away. They do this by:

  • connecting with local people
  • immersing themselves into local culture
  • enjoying local food and drink
  • exploring local geography and places of interest

This trend provides the tourism industry with a new type of visitor. One who is an active participant in the experience and is seeking more than just a packaged tour, a hotel room or a scenic view.

Create authentic experiences

To help local tourism providers create authentic experiences, Tourism NI has published a Creating Experiences Toolkit.

The toolkit includes:

  • a video introduction to priority visitor segments with the most potential to deliver growth
  • a detailed report on visitor segmentation and clustering
  • a series of Creating Experiences publications, including guidance on how to understand, develop, cluster, promote and deliver experiences

The toolkit also includes an overview guide to experiential tourism in Northern Ireland, as well as industry-facing reports covering five experience themes:

  • coasts and lakes
  • unique outdoors
  • living legends
  • culture and creative vibe
  • naturally NI

The reports offer case studies, practical guidance, tips and advice aiming to inspire and help business offer better experiences to their visitors. 

Access the Creating Experiences Toolkit.

See a video introduction to Creating Experiences. Source: Tourism NI