Niche tourism opportunities

Golf tourism


Northern Ireland is increasingly becoming known as a world class golf destination. Events such as the Irish Open 2017 and The Open Championship 2019  have helped to highlight Northern Ireland as a golfing destination. The success of local golfers like Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke have also raised the profile of golf in Northern Ireland. 

The Open Championship 2019 in Portrush drew in 237,750 spectators. This made it the second-highest attended Open championship of all time.

Northern Ireland's golfing appeal lies in its diversity and the quality of its courses.

The annual golf tourism market is worth £39.9m. Tourism NI are working to increase this through the Golf Tourism Strategy. The strategy aims to:

  • grow the value of the golf tourism market to £50m by 2020
  • develop the capability and capacity of clubs to host visitors
  • enhance the reputation and awareness of Northern Ireland for golf tourism
  • build Northern Ireland's capacity to host golf events
  • support industry leadership and collaboration in the sector


There are opportunities for golf courses to attract more overseas visitors and host major events. Other businesses such as those in the hospitality and transport sectors can also benefit. For every £1 spent by visitors on green fees,they spend a further £4.

Some of the opportunities for golf clubs include:

  • developing clusters that allow visitors to play several different courses during their trip
  • creating partnerships with hotels and restaurants to offer package breaks
  • promoting offers on tourism websites and through online tour operators

The opportunities for other businesses include:

  • holding golf exhibitions, workshops and talks
  • providing hospitality and transport during major golf events
  • working with clubs to offer package deals to golf tourists

Northern Ireland's positon as a leading golf destination can also help to increase the business travel market. This will create further business opportunities.