Public relations (PR)

Non-media public relations


Don't see your PR as just something that's directly targeted at the media. You can influence and impress people - including the media - in many ways, not just by getting a mention in a news story.

Try out some of these ideas for raising awareness of your business in your locality or your industry sector using non-media and activity-based PR. For example, you could try:

  • giving talks on business and other subjects to organisations, schools and colleges
  • joining an organisation and becoming a spokesperson
  • sponsoring events such as a school fête or exhibition
  • sponsoring a local sports team
  • organising competitions, initiatives and surveys, possibly in cooperation with a news organisation
  • meeting and talking to opinion-formers, journalists and other business people and leaders
  • sending letters to the editor on local or industry issues
  • helping with, or donating products to charity
  • teaming up with suppliers or customers to work on attracting joint publicity

    For more information on raising your profile by connecting with the local community, see corporate social responsibility (CSR).