Public relations (PR)

Public relations opportunities


Once you have identified the right media outlets, you can target them with press releases. Press releases are usually news stories that convey positive messages about your business. They should be written in a journalistic style and you should try to tailor press releases for each different media outlet. 

For example, if a small engineering company wins a big Italian order with a new manufacturing technique, the press release for the trade and technical press should highlight the success of the technique and the company's use of innovation.

The press release for the local paper however, should be about increased employment and the prestige for the town in beating the foreign competition.

Potential PR stories

There are many natural PR opportunities including:

  • a new product launch
  • new premises
  • new members of staff
  • an important new order
  • business expansion
  • involvement with a charity
  • significant anniversaries, eg your 1,000th customer
  • business partnerships
  • changes in business structure such as mergers and acquisitions

And you can create publicity opportunities by:

  • submitting articles, such as opinion pieces, for publication
  • commissioning a survey on serious or fun issues and send the results to the press
  • suggesting a competition with your product as the prize
  • giving expert opinions and volunteer quotes on current affairs