Preparing to sell

Online selling


To sell online successfully, the principles of traditional selling still apply. You must have a product or service that potential customers want, at a price they can afford from which you can make a profit. The final step is to make sure your potential customers know about your product or service.

Online shop

You need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find you online and buy from you. You need to provide all the information that customers require to make a decision and make it simple to complete the process. Consider things that could be a barrier to customers completing sale, eg confusing navigation or unexpected delivery costs.

To maximise sales, make sure your site is easy to find, attractive, and simple to understand and use:

See create an online shop for more information on developing an e-commerce site. 

Marketing online

To market your product or service online you need to consider how potential customers will find your website, for example through a search engine. For further information, browse digital marketing and social media.