Employing part-time workers

Options for part-time working


The most obvious form of part-time working is where the worker simply works fewer than the normal basic full-time hours.

For example, they could work:

  • every weekday morning, afternoon or evening
  • a full day every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • weekend shifts and the occasional evening shift in the week

However, there are other part-time working options that may suit your business needs:

  • term-time-only workers tend to be parents who work during term time and take paid or unpaid leave during school holidays
  • job-sharing is where two or more people share the responsibilities, pay and benefits of a full-time job - see introducing job-sharing

Alternatives to part-time working

If you feel that part-time working doesn't suit a particular job or your business as a whole, you could consider other types of flexible working.