How to transport dangerous goods

Packaging dangerous goods for transport


If you trade in dangerous goods, you must comply with packaging requirements contained in the relevant legislation in order to transport goods safely - see the regulations for air, sea, road and rail transport.

Packaging rules for dangerous goods

Packaging has to be designed and constructed to United Nations (UN) specification standards and must pass practical transport related tests such as being dropped, held in a stack and subjected to pressure demands. It must also meet the needs of the substance it is to contain. Packaging must be certified by a national competent authority.

UN approved packaging is marked with the prefix 'UN' and followed by codes that are listed in the relevant regulations relating to the national and international carriage of dangerous goods by road, rail, air and sea.

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) Dangerous Goods Office has responsibility for the certification of dangerous goods packaging within the UK. You can access the dangerous goods packaging approvals database on the VCA website.

Packaging must also bear the correct label or labels for the substance in the package.