Secure equity investment

Present your pitch to secure finance


Most investors will have heard many pitches before, so it’s important to impress them with your idea and encourage them to trust you so they will consider investing.

Be honest in your pitch

It’s good to be confident and passionate about your pitch, but make sure you don’t exaggerate the facts or figures. Be honest and avoid presenting graphs or charts that are unrealistic.

Be prepared for criticism

Listening to an investor criticise your idea can be difficult but avoid getting defensive. Focus on any flaws that may be identified and offer solutions. Take each rejection as an opportunity to improve on your delivery for the next pitch.

Explain why you want the money you have asked for

You should provide a clear outline of where the money is going. Think about how much money you need to achieve your primary objectives, and balance this figure with the portion of equity you’re willing to give away.

Provide facts

You want investors to trust what you’re saying in your pitch, so use facts and figures to back up your projections.

Be yourself

Try not to take on a persona or role when standing in front of a panel - be yourself and be honest.