Secure equity investment

Prepare your pitch to secure finance


Your presentation to secure finance should show that you are confident, trustworthy, and an expert in your field. It should follow a logical, clear structure and last approximately 20 minutes.


With your first slide, you should introduce yourself and your business and summarise the content of your presentation and the overall structure.

Define the problem your business is tackling

Your product or service should solve a problem that potential customers have or fill a gap in your market. You can explain how your business provides the solution and show the growth potential.

Describe your solution

Focus on the product or service in detail, ensuring that everything you say is relevant to the problem. Use case studies and facts and figures, and you can also include your sales history, testimonies from real customers, or competitor analysis.

Introduce your team

Discuss your team. Investors see a company’s team as critical to driving the business forward. Be prepared to answer questions about recruitment and your role within the company.

Present your business plan

You will need to have a comprehensive business plan incorporating a detailed marketing plan and realistic financial projections.

Potential investors will be specifically interested in:

  • financial forecasts, including your funding requirements
  • your plans for the business
  • whether the external investment is appropriate

Tailor the information you deliver to every investor you approach. See write a business plan: step-by-step.

Investors and lenders will want to know your intentions about the long-term future ie if you plan to stay in the business or if you want to grow it and sell it on.

Detail the investment required

Potential investors need to know how much money you require to make your venture work. Explain how you calculated the figures and how much cash you need to take the business to specific points or milestones. You should also highlight what would happen if a problem arises, eg a product is delayed.

Highlight the return on their investment

Show potential investors the benefits of their involvement and how you can improve their business. Be specific - have figures, outcomes and scenarios prepared and ready. Listen to the questions asked, take notes, be open and flexible, and be prepared to come back with revisions and new ideas. They will want to know what their financial returns will be eg how repayments will fit into your budget, when they can expect dividends and what they will be.

Key milestones

Discuss your upcoming goals and when you plan to achieve them. This part of the pitch illustrates how well you have thought through the detailed steps it will take to start making a profit.

The business exit strategy

Investors won’t sign up without having a plan in place to exit. Explain your exit strategy and make a final push to persuade them that this is a great opportunity.

Following the pitch, allow time for potential investors to ask questions.