Product safety advice for businesses supplying goods in Northern Ireland



If you make, import, distribute or sell consumer products in the UK, you are responsible for ensuring they are safe for consumers to use and following the legal requirements concerning labelling.

Many people are injured each year due to faulty consumer goods. You could face legal action if a product is found to be unsafe or causes harm to consumers.

Product safety involves ensuring all goods on sale to the public are safe for their intended use. The responsibility to supply safe consumer goods applies from the manufacturer through to the retailer. This obligation means that products sold should comply with any relevant legislation.

Product safety in the UK is governed by a broad regulatory framework of national and European-derived legislation. Legal requirements are the same whether you supply goods from retail premises, a home, a market stall or online.

This guide helps you understand the law on product safety. It outlines sources of product safety advice and explains how to prevent product safety problems.