Contractor's guide to cutting waste from construction projects

Reducing and reusing demolition waste


On construction projects that require high levels of strip-out or demolition, you should plan how you could potentially reuse the waste. Demolition waste can often be reclaimed and reused as aggregates, and potentially (if care is taken during the demolition process) as whole materials - eg the reuse of reclaimed bricks.

You should apply good practice:

Performing a pre-demolition audit can help you to identify any materials that can be recovered for reuse within the project itself, or stockpiled for future construction projects. You should perform the audit at the design stage.

The earlier you perform the audit the better, as this information is invaluable to ensure that the recovery of these materials is part of the procurement process for demolition services.

Demolition waste in regeneration projects

Regeneration is an area of construction where reducing demolition waste and reusing reclaimed materials can deliver cost savings to your business.

The WRAP regeneration guide (PDF, 522K) provides a methodology that your business can follow and key performance indicators that will allow your business to track how successful its recovery and reuse of demolition materials has been.

Information that is gathered about demolition waste can help your business successfully apply for environmental and waste permits and also complete your site waste management plan.