Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Scheme

Registering for EORI reports


The purpose of Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) reports is solely to assist traders that, prior to EORI were issued Trader's Unique Reference Numbers (TURNs), with separate suffixes to identify branches that are not themselves legal entities.

The reports list entries made by the trader where a Header Additional Information Statement starting with 'BR' (or 'AG' if the trader is acting as a declarant/representative) is entered in box 44. If no such code is entered the entry will not appear on the reports.

The reports are intended to assist reconciliation to be carried out, in particular against C79s or Duty Deferment Statements. They will only contain information that will enable entries to be correctly referenced, as follows:

  • EORI number of customer
  • entry processing unit number
  • entry number
  • date of entry
  • declaration Unique Consignment Reference (UCR)
  • master UCR
  • declarant reference number (box 7)
  • BR/AG statement

No other entry information will be available on these reports.

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    • HMRC EORI helpline
      0300 322 7067