IT skills and support for your staff

Review the effectiveness of your IT training


Information technology (IT) training should aim to meet business objectives. You should decide who needs training, and in what skills, by means of an IT training and learning needs analysis.

Once your staff complete their training, make sure that they have the opportunity to use and reinforce their new skills. Without this immediate practice, much of the benefits of the training can be lost.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of training?

You can evaluate the effectiveness of the training by reviewing the capabilities of your employees in the relevant set of skills, before and after training.

A good way to do this is to:

  • speak to staff and ask them how well they are able to carry out the tasks that they were trained on
  • seek feedback on trainers who delivered the training
  • monitor changes in staff performance and efficiency after the training
  • monitor the need for external support in this particular IT area

Understanding the impact of the training can help you select better training suppliers and courses in the future.