Selling fireworks



Fireworks are a popular and traditional feature of events and shows in Northern Ireland. The peak season for firework retail each year is in the run-up to Halloween.

If you plan to sell fireworks you need to understand your responsibilities under the law. Your retail premises need to be registered with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and there are strict rules for selling fireworks legally, who you can sell fireworks to, and how fireworks should be stored.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives, and rules are in place to protect the public and your business. Selling fireworks without permission from DOJ, or breaching the conditions of your registration, could mean hefty fines for your business, or the possibility of being imprisoned.

This guide will help you understand how to register as a firework retailer, what you need to do to ensure you are storing fireworks safely at your premises, the different categories of fireworks and where to get more information and help.

  • DOJ Firearms and Explosives Branch
    028 9052 0760
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