Selling fireworks

How to sell fireworks legally in Northern Ireland


Fireworks are popular for seasonal celebrations in Northern Ireland, such as Halloween. However, fireworks can be dangerous and come with certain risks. To ensure public safety, there are a number of rules retailers must follow to sell fireworks. Here are the main steps you must take if you wish to sell fireworks:

1. Register as a fireworks retailer by applying to the Department of Justice. See registering as a fireworks retailer.

2.  Don't sell indoor fireworks to anyone under 16, and don't sell outdoor fireworks to anyone under 18.

3. Display your registration certificate on your premises. You must also display certain notices - see rules for selling fireworks legally.

4. Only sell fireworks in their original packaging. You must not sell fireworks that have been removed from a selection pack.

5. Ensure you store fireworks safely. You should take precaution to avoid fire or explosion. It is important to train your staff and keep record of the quantity of fireworks you store. See storing fireworks safely at your premises.