Water reviews, policies and action plans

Setting up a water reduction plan


Your water reduction plan should describe how you will reduce your water use, who will be involved and when the improvements will be carried out.

Writing a water reduction plan

Your water reduction plan should be written in a concise manner and contain the following elements and information:

  • The scope of the water reduction programme, eg whether it will cover the whole site or just one area or department, and whether only water will be addressed or water and contaminants simultaneously.
  • A timetable covering all of the planned activities. The overall programme may last 12 months or more so monthly milestones may be important.
  • A description of who is involved. You may want to involve representatives from each of the key departments that are affected. Larger businesses may want to appoint a team leader or champion to advocate water and wastewater minimisation throughout the business.
  • The training needs of anyone involved in the work.
  • Ways of promoting awareness and communicating progress to the rest of the site. You should also identify how you will report regularly to senior management.
  • The resources needed to carry out the programme and whether these have been approved.
  • How you will achieve ongoing improvements.
  • A definition of the systematic approach that your business will be adopting.