Water reviews, policies and action plans



In many businesses, the use of water is often taken for granted. However, the cost of using clean water and disposing of wastewater is rising and is now a significant cost for many businesses. Seasonal droughts have become more common in recent years and businesses should plan to cope with future disruptions.

Adopting a systematic approach can enable you to take control of your business' water use and reduce your water and wastewater costs. If you use large quantities of water, minimising your water use can help reduce risks to your business during periods of water shortage. Using water efficiently can also help you to enhance and demonstrate your environmental credentials to stakeholders such as customers, the local community and business partners and investors.

This guide describes how to take a systematic approach to managing your water use by reviewing your current water use and creating and implementing plans to improve performance. It also outlines some of the key general areas that you should consider, including water meters, heating and hot water systems, cooling systems and rainwater harvesting.