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Snapchat for business


Snapchat is an app-based social media platform that allows users to share temporary image and video content. Content can be edited with a range of filters, text and other tools. Images and videos sent directly to specific users can only be viewed for a few seconds. You can also upload a Snapchat story which is a series of images and short videos which can be viewed by your followers for up to 24 hours.

Snapchat has a younger user base, with most users in the 12-34 year old age group. Businesses can use the platform to reach this target audience with engaging visual content.

Basics of using Snapchat

To set up a Snapchat account for your business, you will need to download the app on a mobile device such as a smartphone.  Then register a new account and pick a username - preferably your business name.

Snapchat will automatically scan your contacts for other Snapchat users, this will help you add your first friends (who will hopefully add you back so you can share content). You can also encourage your audience to follow your account by sharing your username or 'Snapcode' (a QR code users can scan) across your other communication channels.

To take a picture tap the circular button on the app's main screen, for a video hold the button down. You can then edit this content with captions, stickers, doodles, filters and geofilters. When your content is ready, add it to your story or send it directly to specific users.

Make the most of Snapchat for business 

There are a number of ways businesses can use Snapchat to engage with their audiences:

  • Events - the real-time nature of the platform makes it ideal to share events as they happen.
  • Product launches - the temporary nature of snaps can help you create buzz around new product launches, offering teasers and glimpses of a new offering.
  • Offer exclusive content ­- grow your audience and keep them engaged by using Snapchat to provide exclusive previews or discounts.
  • Partner with influencers - grow your audience by partnering with a popular content creator whose audience is in line with your target market.
  • Connect with your audience - give an authentic insight into the day-to-day life of your business, for example showing how your products are made.