How to deal with stress

Stress management training and counselling


Training courses may help business owners, managers and employees deal with work pressures more effectively.

Appropriate courses may include those covering areas such as:

  • time-management
  • leadership skills
  • assertiveness
  • communication skills
  • relaxation techniques

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Managers may also benefit from training to identify signs of stress in others and to assess the impact of their managerial style on staff.

Helping employees deal with stress

It can also be a good idea to promote healthy living, which can help people keep fit and deal with workplace stress more effectively. You might do this by providing health information and education - or perhaps by organising keep-fit, yoga or relaxation classes.

You may want to consider whether stress counselling would be appropriate for your business. Some organisations pay for confidential one-to-one counselling sessions for their employees, who can discuss both work and non-work related problems with a professional counsellor. But such schemes - known as Employee Assistance Programmes - can be expensive and are typically used by larger businesses.