How to deal with stress

Signs of workplace stress


Colleagues and managers may notice a range of signs from someone suffering from stress. 

These signs include:

  • tiredness and irritability
  • reduced quality of work
  • indecisiveness and poor judgement
  • loss of sense of humour
  • physical illness such as headaches, nausea, aches and pains
  • seeming jumpy or ill-at-ease, or admitting to sleeping badly
  • increased sick leave
  • poor timekeeping
  • changes in working day patterns - perhaps by staying late or taking work home

Signs of stress in groups 

You should also look for signs of more widespread problems among groups of employees, for example:

  • arguments and disputes between staff
  • general absenteeism
  • an increase in grievances and complaints
  • greater staff turnover

For information on identifying and managing some of the causes of stress managing conflict.

You also need to watch out for signs that your own stress levels are rising. See manage your own stress.

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